Virginie Vandelac

Beauty Reference

Born in a family where the practice of art was a way of life, Virginie undertook studies in this same field. With 23 years of experience in makeup, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share by offering her services and advice to a diversified clientele.

Her passion for her work and her sincere desire to help women gain self-confidence have led Virginie to develop educational techniques through makeup and beauty communication on various web and television platforms and through personalized workshop courses.

Also known for her specialty in makeup rejuvenation, she now leads “Virginie Vandelac's workshops” designed to teach women how to apply makeup themselves. She wants to ensure that all women who wish to take care of themselves through makeup are highlighted with simple, effective and realistic advices, who wish to take care of themselves through makeup. This is her source of motivation to always be looking for new techniques to improve herself.

Her varied experience, acquired in various artistic fields (fashion, television, photography, also as a beauty reference for Jean Coutu cosmetics), gives her the ability to adapt to all types of clients. Virginie is sensitive to the needs of all. Understanding and meticulous, she knows how to make women look beautiful and give them a youthful look.

Valérie Lefebrvre

Makeup Expert

Valerie is passionate about new encounters and approaches them with as much passion as attention. She is known for her delicate and meticulous touch. In addition to having at heart to bring out the natural beauty of each individual, she always aspires to learn more about new techniques and trends.

With many years of varied expertise, she is a multidisciplinary artist, both for makeup and hair services for the commercial, fashion and beauty industries, as well as for personalized services such as weddings and special events- she is remembered for her attention to detail and her warm soul.

Attentive to others, she adapts each makeup to each personality. Her ability to make people feel comfortable and her natural artistic sensibility make her an authentic artist.